OpenStreetMap 12hr Update Marathon 1

To make Cambodia our own on OSM, we are planning an update marathon for Saturday, 26th May:


OpenStreetMap 12hr Update Marathon 1

Cambodia is in need of the following:

district and province boundaries,
protected areas,
revision of roads classification in Phnom Penh (too many primary and secondary roads),
deletion of duplicate roads southwest of Wat Phnom,
addition of roads to Sihanoukville,
adding of railway line to Sihanoukville and Poipet,
addition of building footprints to Phnom Penh, and
the OSM Cambodia wiki needs updating!

House32 have graciously offered their office and internet connection for the marathon, including a livestream of the volunteers so everyone can watch us in action over the web! John also said that he will encourage House32 staff to attend as he wants them to know OSM well. Sophas Uch, someone who works for GIZ that I met at the Phnom Penh Mapping Meetup, is also in the process of contacting the lecturers in charge of GIS at Royal University of Agriculture, as it will be good to have student involvement.

Location: House 32,
#67E1, Street 178,
Chey Chumneas, Daun Penh
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Date: Saturday 26th May
Time: 1pm - 1am


Bulk uploading of:
    sangkats (maybe)
    national parks
        from Forestry Administration
        from Ministry of Environment
    roads in Sihanoukville (see agenda item 5)
    Railway lines to Sihanoukville and Poipet
Revision of road classification in Phnom Penh
    reduce the number of secondary (orange) and primary (pink) roads
        where necessary: convert secondary roads to tertiary (up a level)
        where necessary: convert secondary roads to residential (down a level)
        where necessary: convert primary roads down to the appropriate level (for example St 182 should be changed down to a tertiary road)
    use the roads classification of Qebec city, Sydney and Siem Reap for inspiration/guidance requires updating
    update list of volunteers
    use wiki project Australia and USA for inspiration regarding:
        other content
    provide a paragraph discussing road classification problem in Phnom Penh
        link to OSM roads classification webpage
        provide actual raods of Phnom Penh/Cambodia as examples of classes (e.g. residential class is St 95)
Remove duplicate roads in Phnom Penh
    in the are southwest of Wat Phnom
Add roads to Sihanoukville
    by digitising off a geotiff from Google Earth, or
    bulk upload from a roads dataset that Math has
1 hour OpenLayers tutorial by Math to show people how to embed a webmap using OpenStreetMaps data
Upload or digitise building footprints in Phnom Penh
    we could have some architecture students participate to do this

Cambodia OSM Update Marathon is now complete!!! We had 20+ attendees, including 12 from the Royal University of Agriculture. We taught them how to do basic OSM updates, and the importance of recording names in Khmer script.

The Barangs came a bit later in the day and did some of the agenda items, although none were completed sadly! We have a lot of work still to do. We did part of the national boundary, and uploaded some province boundaries. Work continues!

The next update marathon will be in a month’s time at the same location, in the mean time, keep updating OSM! We can make it better.





Hey man!

Sorry for lack of reply. Yes, we used the correct tags. We also made a few errors in the import, such as having overlapping shared boundaries. For most of them I or others have fixed it. Some probably still remain. What is Mkgmap?

Yes, there was an error in importing roads initially where they were all tagged as footpaths, and some of these were imported over the top of roads that existed in some cases. We made a lot of work for ourselves with this error and some other problems with this import, but as you can see now, it looks to have been fixed up.

An error in the same area though is here: (zoomed in a bit)

you can see that the river mouth does not meet the water. I do not know how to fix this, as in Potlach/JOSM, it joins up with the ocean. Do you know how to fix it?