OpenStreetEditor - new OpenStreetMap editor for the iOS platform with JOSM presets

Greetings everyone,

I am excited to introduce OpenStreetEditor, a new mobile editor for OpenStreetMap, specifically designed for the iOS platform. The application is now available for alpha testing.

In its initial version, OpenStreetEditor allows users to add new points, edit tags of existing points, lines, and polygons, as well as delete objects that are not referenced by other objects.

OpenStreetEditor is built on the foundations of JOSM presets and the highly efficient GLMap framework, designed for seamless interaction with OpenStreetMap data.

The editor is distributed under the GPLv3 license, and we warmly invite anyone interested to participate in its development. We eagerly look forward to your involvement and feedback as we strive to refine the application.

Link to testing on TestFlight (TestFlight installation is required) - Join the OpenStreetEditor beta - TestFlight - Apple

Source code - GitHub - OpenStreetEditor/OpenStreetEditor

Telegram channel - Telegram: Contact @OpenStreetEditor

Telegram chat - Telegram: Contact @OpenStreetEditor_chat


You may want to add to the wiki too: Editors - OpenStreetMap Wiki

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Looks nice, thanks for making a new editor.

Something that struck me as important is that there seems to be no way to show the complete data.

For example I wanted to add a tree, but don’t know if it’s already there because your (very speedy) background map does not render any.

It is recommended that you download the data from the OSM server first. This is the button at the top and right of the screen

It is recommended that you download the data from the OSM server first. This is the button at the top and right of the screen

That makes sense, but does not work.

thanks for the feedback, I will check the work in these coordinates

Thanks again for the feedback, the problem is the incorrect determination of the geographical coordinates of the screen after the map is rotated. Added this bug to the list for the nearest elimination.

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Happy to provide feedback, but this will not happen in the Telegram chat.
It strikes me as a bit strange that the changeset tag contact= is added.
Are GitHub issues also a good feedback mechanism for you?



But I do need to point out that naming the project “OpenStreetEditor” is a bad idea, while using the OpenStreetMap trademark is permitted for non-commercial software projects see Trademark Policy - OpenStreetMap Foundation I consider it highly problematic to imply exclusivity in you project name, not to mention rather unfair towards competitors on the same platform for example GoMap! that took the minor effort required to create an original product name.


Good point. It’s open under GPLv3, but better name should be found indeed. Any suggestions?