OpenStreet Map Change

I corrected the name of a street in my community and it shows up corrected on the OpenStreet Map but when I zoom back it reverts back to the old name. It only shows the corrected name when I am zoomed in. What the @#$% is going on ?

Hallo Todd,

this is probably the most asked question. The reason is that the map is build up from small images, called tiles. For each zoom layer there are different tiles. Not all zoom layers are refreshed at the same moment. Depending on the load of the server, it might take from a couple of minutes to maybe an hour (although that would be pretty abnormal). And even when the tiles are refreshed on the server, it is possible that you are still looking at the previous images coming from your browser cache.

So the recipe is patience and refreshing the browser’s cache.

Also note that some of the other map representations (like OpenCycleMap) might take a couple of days before they are updated.