openseamap / openstreetmap

Hallo !

Sorry, I’m french and I don’t speak german so I’ll try in english…

I would like to know how to use openstreetmap chart on SEACLEAR software ?
Witch extension to use, and how to export and convert maps from openstreetmap/openseamap in these extensions ?

In fact I want to use terrestrial map with marine software as seaclear (specific use).



Hallo, do you know the Openseamap-wiki Site in French?
On this Site you will find the Programmers of the Openseamap.

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C’est décrit ici:
Le format pour Seaclear est KAP.

Malhereusement que en anglais - mais peut-être tu peux traduire le text pour les Francais?

Salut, Markus