OpenScales, an ActionScript 3 port of OpenLayers to display OSM


OpenScales is an Open Source port of OpenLayers written in ActionScript 3.

The project is at an early stage, but we have recently added Open Street Map support.
You can try it on this demo.

This is a technology preview, we still have to fix bugs, improve performances and add nice visual effects made possible by Flash rendering.

We plan to make possible high performance vector rendering and sketch functionalities that could be very interesting for OSM, especially in order to have a nice vector viewing/editing possibilities.

An important point is that OpenScales will allow the same nice performances, especially in vector rendering, for all browsers.

Javascript bridge for easy customization will be also available shortly.

We would be pleased to have some feedbacks,

It will be very interesting to see your optimizations and visual effects, keep us updated. And it would be wonderful to see your solution on rendering vector roads, you don’t have much competition in that area.

I think it’s very hard to compete with openlayers for the bitmap tile thingy since it’s speedy enough.


Just to keep you informed, we have optimised our tile rendering engine and enabled tile tween effect, you can try our new demo.

Next step are more map tween effect and vector optimisation to allow pure vector rendering if needed.

OpenScales project leader

Very interested to see this - I’m working on an AS3 vector renderer at the moment.

Feel free to come discuss with us on our discussion group about technical solutions.

I think it could be very interesting to discuss about technical solutions that could be usefull to improve vector performances (vector tiling, cacheAsBitmap Sprite parameter, protocol used …

For information, we have recently removed all Flex dependencies from the OpenScales core, so we have a pure AS3 engine (a full OpenScales AS3 visualization is now 94 Kb).

An OpenScales contributor begin this week to work exclusively on the vector functionnalities because it is an important goal for us. Feel free to join, it may be usefull for both sides.

I like the fade in fade out thingy you are doing, perhaps consider loading some extra tiles around the view port so that you don’t see loading when you move the window.

I have commited a fix to buffer more tiles, it should be better now. Could you give us a feedback from our snapshot build ( after cleaning your browser cache ?

OpenScales 1.1 has just been released. It is available at, check the demo at we have made big improvements.