for Android OS Phones

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to point all Android users to the new navigation / mapping software named opensatnav (OSN) that I found today.
A nice open source project, creating a really easy to use navigation software.

Nothing against AndNav2, but opensatnav feels easier to use (in this very early stage).

Project description:

We aim to create an open source satnav application for the Android platform. This project is a fork of the open-source components of AndNav2 (the map tile display) with a great deal of our additions. The project also aims to keep closer to the Android platform UI.

Some screenshots:
FluxBB bbcode test
FluxBB bbcode test


A new version of OpenSatNav has been released. This fixes heaps of bugs so is highly recommended. (direct link) (more info)

This is a wonderfull initiative.

And based on OpenStreetMap data. I read both (thank you for the link kizza) and but dit not find the info I was after. So my questions/remarks are:
-is that phone -online- downloading tiles? (from mapnik they look)
-if all is routable then only tiles cannot do. You made a mkAmap (like mkGmap for garmin) program first?
-the phone does not need to be online using the navigation?

Pleas tell a little bit more. I think you could do that on better than here as more people will like to know how it works.