OpenRefine and OSM / user survey

Hi everyone! I’m Sandra, Wikimedian and occasional OSM contributor. I work for/with OpenRefine, free / open source software for manipulating and cleaning large datasets.

I often hear that OpenRefine is used in the OSM community. At this moment, OpenRefine is running its two-yearly user survey. If you indeed use OpenRefine (for OSM-related data manipulation or otherwise), we’d love to hear your opinion via the survey: OpenRefine user survey – 2022 (it will run till May 20, 2022). We already have quite a bit of input from most of our user communities (data scientists, data journalists, librarians, Wikimedians) but we’d also like to hear more input from the OSM perspective.

Outcomes from this survey will inform future decisions about OpenRefine - so your input is greatly appreciated.

If you see this topic after the survey is closed: we’re still very interested to hear how you use OpenRefine for OSM-related tasks. What do you like? What features do you miss? How can OpenRefine better support the OSM use cases? I’ll keep an eye on this topic!

All the best!