Hi there,

I stumbled over the new on-the-fly location referencing standard by TomTom and want to know what the OSM community thinks about it. As a rival for the established Agora-C methods I think OpenLR could be a real alternative. Location referencing is for future cooperative use cases between different hardware with different map essential (f.e. try to map a route from OSM onto a map from Navteq, with lat/lon only this is just impossible).

So, what do u think?

Afaik OpenLR is only the protocol which is used to communicate trafic info. This is one of many protocols, nothing special. It’s not like TomTom is providing their traffic info to 3rd parties using the protocol…

OpenLR is not just a protocol for data transmission, it specifies a whole toolchain from getting the data from the source map, encoding it, transmitting it and finally decoding the data and matching it to another target map. And this is what makes OpenLR so attractive. I know that location referencing is a by most people underestimated problem, but I think sooner or later OSM has to face it. And in fact there are no other location-referencing standards existant at the moment (except Agora-C which is patented and demands fees when using it).