OpenLayer Marker/Polygon function enable/disable

My Problem is i have 2 Layers:

Is an layer with many markers and every marker have an Infomaion PopUp Window
Are many Polygones and also these have an Information PopUp window
And an Marker which you can move with drag and drop
Is there an option that i can have an outstanding or also in the map an Box that i can manage the functions of the layers. Because if the layer 3 is enabled i cant click on any other marker to get the information or also if one marker is over an marker from layer 1 is over an polygon from 2 i want to choose which popup should come.

So is there an Option to disable or enable the funtions after the map is intialized, like “disable drag and drop function on that layer” or “disable the popUp function on this layer”

Please help me !!!