Dear friends,
look the page: in Kiev
and compare on this page the city Wieluń in Poland.

Who did this map in Poland? 200 freelancers from the fire department (Департамент Добровільна пожежна).
Why? They have no system which works. Now they have.
We can provide you app “пожежний OSM”.
In Poland we save already lives and property of the people.

And… we have more and more OSM mappers from fire departments…

Anybody can compare Kiev with Wieluń in Poland. - Kiev - Wieluń

Personally, I expected worse result in Ukraine. We have mapped only main fire stations, but no hydrants. I don’t know fireman who contribute to OSM. :confused:

We can change things.

I began this crazy story in Poland and the people from the OSM community said to me: Marek, you are totally crazy :stuck_out_tongue:
Now, we have more and more firemans and they are very active OSM members.

First step: translate it!

You can do good things for your country by doing osm better.

First step is done. You are fast :wink: Thank You all!
Now try to collect small area with hydrants for demonstrations with your firework department guys.
I organize for you this app for free and you can show it.

I see already 4 hydrants in whole Ukraine.
What about the collection of next 40.000?

Ich hoffe, dass ich im Sommer Zeit habe, um Hydrants in der Nähe zu finden und zu malen

Сподіваюсь, що влітку матиму час замапити пожежні гідранти у моєму районі

Hey guys, if you want to map hydrants the easy way I got a website for you:

I hope you find it useful. All you need is to log-in with your existing OpenStreetMap-account. The web-application eases the process of adding & editing hydrants to OpenStreetMap. You can use it also on mobile phones. On Android devices it works best with Googles browser Chrome.

Any feedback appreciated.

@Polish people: OsmHydrant is currently available in English and German - I’d like to offer it in Polish too. If someone would like to do the translation, please get in contact with me.

Dear Robert, thank you a lot for your good job. If you wish feedback from the polish community, please inform them.
I´m sure, the collegues from Ukraina and Poland as well send you in the next days translations.

robert|koch, your tool doesn’t show any hydrants on this area.
Possible you don’t take into account tag emergency=fire_hydrant

The data is maintained by Sochi firemen

P.S. It works now. Possible it was some error loading a lot of data.

P.P.S. Sochi firemen are cool

I wrote via Contact form on, waiting for response ASAP.

Who is СПТ Сочи -

from shtosm -

Damn guys, do it better. Collect hydrants and contact your government.

A newspaper article about Sochi hydrants


the page: is now extremly fast with rendering of changes in 3D (See Wiki: simply 3D building).
You need only 1-2 min, and the changes are visible on this map. Very helpful for 3D modeling!

In fact we’re still working with a 12h cache for buildings on server side.

In fact, it is significantly slower now :stuck_out_tongue:

The new version of Keypad Mapper (4) is avaiable in the next months.
You can also collect hydrants with this version.

Do you know this service from user dotevo?!19/49.59315/11.00382/type=all/mon=place_all/office=office_all/craft=craft_all/store=store_all/

If you wish ukrainian version, please translate neccesary words and send mail to the author :wink:

Yellow colour means: this shop (or whatever else) is opened only the next hour.

I think better solution is do a push request: