Openfietsmap Europe

I’ve uploaded a routable cycling map for western and central Europe, based on my Openfietsmap Benelux scripts.

Update 06/04: Contour lines are now included (thanks Thorsten), OSM data from 24/03/2012 (cc-by-sa license)

Download link:

Because of the large dataset there is only a version available for Mapsource/Basecamp (no gmapsupp.img provided).
Windows users can place the unzipped maptiles from the archive into a folder of their choice and run install.exe.
To convert into Mac / gmap format, please use Javawa’s excellent Mapconverter tool.
Just drag the zip file on this tool and it will unpack, convert and install it automatically.

The new updated version look great!! Congrats…

By creating a route in Mapsource, using the “Benelux edition”, i noticed it uses the default “Knooppunten” by creating a route. Is it possible to avoid this?

yes, avoid ‘toll roads’ and faster time will prefer those cycling routes.
So better choose shorter distance and don’t prefer highways (snelwegen) in Mapsource (put the road selection slider in the middle)

The first picture there describes exactly what you have noticed :wink:

Thkx for the information.

Just tried the new Europe map, but noticed that the colors differs then the one in the Benelux Map. see attached pictures.
Is this correct?



Yes that is intended. It has to do with the contours, if I want a green background, contours may fall under the green carpet (invisible) at certain zoomlevels in Mapsource.
In my BNL map I compose the contour lines in a different way, which doesnt have this negative impact.
Besides this, everywhere you will see “area” or in Dutch “gebied” and without green background there is no such label.

Nice work recumbent cyclist :slight_smile: Kudo’s to Thorsten too ofcourse.

Again…many thx for all the hard work! Keep up with this please

Well, I will probably wait for a while for the next updates because the odbl cleansing could be disastrous in Europe…
Probably this will be the only update for Europe this year so everybody out there can use it on their cycling holidays.

For the Benelux I will continue the regular updates, first with the light version, we will see what will happen next week.

Any idea how long the odbl cleansing should take? Talk US also reckons it will be very disruptive.

Yes, I’m thinking about skipping an update as well. But on the other hand, routing errors won’t be found if we don’t try to navigate the new data…