OpenDemTracker Beta Version now available


GPS tracking and height recording based on the barometric sensor of your mobile device.

The OpenDEM Tracker App Beta is now available in the Google Play Store:

Please test the app and help to build up an Open Digital Elevation Model.

Be aware that this is an app with experimental status. With the present reference data of the weather APIs, it is not possible to create a reliable correction of the data over longer time periods. See here for further information.
Nonetheless, the first 10 minutes of every recorded track could be a good starting point to build up an OpenDEM.

Read more at this under the OpenDemTracker menue item.



Interesting project, thanks for your work Martin :slight_smile:

Is there any plan to publish it via repo?
How about an open API to post height data? (e.g. somebody at our Stammtisch tracks deep on the water)
Do you think it would make sense to do height-painting by drawing relative height-changes? (this is similar how professional cadastre works, by combining significant points later on)

Thanks, I did not know F-Droid. I will have a look at this.

An OpenAPI for uploads sounds good, I will see after the app is finally released.
At the moment I am working on a correction tool with manual reference data.

It would absolutely make sense to record relative height changes. When using the SRTM or GPS height as reference height input we know the absolute height only with an RMS of about ± 7 m (SRTM) or even worse (GPS).
But perhaps we could correct this in the future, e.g. through DPGS data or something else.