(map of public transport)

After a long time data of seems to be up to date with the OSM database. The map showing now the public transport worldwide.
Maybe we can improve the data for ukraine.

Great! How frequently is it updated? My trolleybus relation is not shown at your map :slight_smile: and rendered:

I’m not sure. The last time I have tested it need only a few hours. But if you have a look here http://ö you can see there are missing some stations. If you zoom in you get some red tiles. If you do the same in Germany it will take a short time to render this tiles.
I have found some lines in Kiev so I thougth it will work in the hole ukrain. Maybe I m wrong.
Here you can find the site in the wiki: Its a funny url because he use some special german carakter. For international use he create the url openbusmap wich refer to the original data.

So I have asked him because my lines are also not renderd yet. He wrote me the database would be not up to date in the moment, because of a mistake he had to import all data new. So the database leaks a bit.
I have asked him for your line too and he told the where now in the map. You can check it now if you want. There are some features still missing. But he is working on. Maybe in the future it will be possible to get the direction of the line automaticly ( vs. and the popups are not updatet at the moment. The are still from the last year.
Maybe in future there will be a button for update so you can render live the newest data.

Thank you for your respond! It will help make me to add all transport routes in my city

I’m happy to hear this! Is their an taggingshema for “Marschrutka”? Because this are not real busses.

I hope that should be shared_taxi. Where they came from?

I’m not sure about shared taxis. But in Kiev or Sumy I have seen this vehicle. They have a number of line. and you have to pay for it more than the normal bus. The car can take 15 to 20 people and is a kind of public transport with licens from the goverment.

Sorry, mistype, should be share_taxi:

share_taxi is supported on