OpenAndroMaps suspended updates

I don’t use OpenAndroMaps, but this could of interest for someone else:

I am forced to suspend further updates of the maps = there will be no more updates for the time being.

Reason: A mapper has begun to “normalise” hierarchies of wheel relations that have been carefully maintained over the years.
This means that the previously common consensus – that the individual cycle relations, such as the Eurovelo routes, consisted of a hierarchy of main (super) relations with individual sub-relations (the countries), each containing all the necessary information – has been destroyed.

source: Updates suspended - openandromaps

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To be honest, that wasn’t the case before, either (at least in Ireland and the UK - the two countries I’m most familiar with). There, below the top super-relation split by countries there were often lower-level splits such as here where other relations were members. A quick look at one of the Swedish ones is similar.

Perhaps the OpenAndroMaps authors could be persuaded to raise the issue on this forum to discuss it?

Edited: To make it clear that ivanbranco was quoting from OpenAndroMaps (since otherwise it looked like I was suggesting that the statement was his, when he was merely passing it on).

Yes, as a data consumer I’d like to hear about exactly what’s going on here too.

at the moment I have reached the point where I simply don’t want to chase after every nonsense like Don Quixote against windmills.

Unfortunately dealing with wikifiddlers “improving” OSM data is getting increasingly like this. :frowning:


I have left a comment there (which still has to be approved by the moderator) and invited Christian from OpenAndromaps here. Perhaps he can describe the problem in more detail here so that we can possibly find a solution together.


The “each containing all the necessary information” bit sounds a bit off to me, I’d expect details to be either in the superroute or in the partial route but not duplicated across both?

I am not Christian but I can explain the problem.

International Cycling Routes network=icn like the Eurovelos are split in national sections. This national sections mostly follow a national route network=ncn.
Some parts of the International Cycling Routes are not marked on site. So to be most correct, they should not at all be mapped on OSM. But there is a wide consensus that there is an exeption for these routes.

For different reasons (eg maintenance) there exist now superrelations with network=icn which contain subrelations with network=ncn.

When Christian produces the maps he fetches the route-information from each single piece of highway=.
On the OAM you see on each of this pieces of highway only the information of the highest class of network. If a piece of highway contains a network=icn and a network=ncn than only network=icn is on the OAM.
In the case of a superrelation with network=icn containing subrelations with network=ncn the information on the single piece of highway=
is that of the national relation. There is no information about the International relation.

What Christian now needs is a piece of code which allows him to put the information from the superrelation to the highway=* which lacks this information.

You might want to take a look at how waymarkedtrails handles this: Waymarked Trails - Cycling

Yes, this is quite a complex challenge - I have a whole bunch of C++ code for to cope with this. It’s very much specialised to c.t’s use case but I’m happy to help if needed.

Some parts of the International Cycling Routes are not marked on site. So to be most correct, they should not at all be mapped on OSM. But there is a wide consensus that there is an exeption for these routes.

There’s a genuine issue with EuroVelo routes that “Routes under development” and “Route at the planning stage” have been widely entered into OSM, despite the fact that they are not only not signposted, they’re sometimes completely unsuitable for cyclists, with no infrastructure works having been carried out.

There are particular problems along the coast of Spain and in central-eastern Europe. If you follow the EuroVelo group on Facebook, or similar forums, there are often ride reports from cyclists who have followed OSM-based maps in good faith and been sent on unsuitable routes.

I would like to see distinct EV relations with state=proposed here, as is generally the case for other cycle routes.

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I’ve been a happy user of OAM maps for years now. I use them as free offline maps for the Locus App. Are there any alternatives (other than Locus’ paid option)?

I hope the non-cycling maps can be updated or non-Sweden maps even. The thing is, I moved into a very sparsely mapped area and as I am adding paths/tracks/misc I really appreciate having fresh offline maps every month (some forests have no cellular reception, let alone good data connection).

For the record, updates are back: New Maps / New Features - openandromaps

As all those who have ever met me probably guessed, my sense of order is stronger than my frustration and I have written a script for the resolution of the screwed-up super routes and integrated it into the process.

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