OPen walk Map??

I know there is a layer that covers the cycling routes and cross-points (points noeuds in french) called opencyclemap.
Is the maintenance of these data part of OSM. If yes how to acces them?

Is there a similar layer for walking cross-points. I eard about an openwalkmap, but do not see what it is?

We are intersted because we try to develop these cross-points in our region.

Can somebody have some tips about those questions?


Does show what you are looking for?

Looks a nice site for walking. I did not know it.
But, how to add information on it. I am look something like openstreetmap where I can add informations. We have a project to introduce a junction node system in our region and would like to put it on a map to invite walkers to use it. As far as I see, this site does not allow me tu update it?

Sorry - I should have made it clearer. Everything on this site is OpenStreetMap data. For something to be visible there, add it to OpenStreetMap.

To answer your first question, yes, the data underlying OpenCycleMap is part of the OpenStreetMap database. It is maintained in the same way as any other data in OSM, through map editors such as ID (the default in-browser editor) and OSM. The database itself does not have separate “layers” for cycling or hiking - instead map creators choose to display features relevant to their purpose.

Some hiking node networks have already been mapped - from memory I think mappers in the Netherlands have done a lot of this. So you should be able to get some ideas by looking at how similar networks have been mapped.