Only sea and coastline of the planet.

Hi everybody,
i need a basic map of the planet, containing no territorial data and details, but only the sea and the coastline for navigation purposes.
My last goal is to obtain the tiles for OpenLayers of all the planet with sea and terrain shapes with minimum informations such as the names of the harbours and few others.
I have already downloaded a shapefile of all the planet for coastlines that is:

I unzipped it and it contains 5 files with various extensions such as cpg, dbf, prj, shp, shx and i’m trying to open the lines.shp(the largest of these) in Josm to export it in a Maperitive compliant format, but i haven’t enough memory in my laptop and i’m waiting for a ram upgrade to 32GB(now i have only 8GB).
Is this the right way to achieve my target or is there a more convenient path, maybe directly download the tiles for OpenLayers from an url or from someone that already have them?

Thank you in advance!


What about as alternative download source?

or ???

Thanks stephan75!
I added a shape file as vector layer in Josm and i can see all the planet, but now which is the simplest way to create raster tiles for OpenLayers?

I executed the ‘xyz tiles generate(directory)’ script and it completed for 5 zoom levels correctly, but i can’t find the folder of the output tiles?!
I looked into the log file and there is no real path, but only temporary folder references, such as:

ALGORITHM|~|2020-02-22 17:48:52|~|“qgis:tilesxyzdirectory”, {‘EXTENT’:‘-180.0,180.0,-78.7329013,83.6664731 [EPSG:4326]’,‘ZOOM_MIN’:0,‘ZOOM_MAX’:5,‘DPI’:96,‘BACKGROUND_COLOR’:QColor(0, 0, 0, 0),‘TILE_FORMAT’:0,‘QUALITY’:75,‘METATILESIZE’:4,‘TILE_WIDTH’:256,‘TILE_HEIGHT’:256,‘TMS_CONVENTION’:False,‘OUTPUT_DIRECTORY’:‘TEMPORARY_OUTPUT’,‘OUTPUT_HTML’:‘TEMPORARY_OUTPUT’})

Where are that TEMPORARY_OUTPUT set in QGis 3.10?