Only one GPS coordinate showing on View Map

Dear Sirs,
I am a Newbie to OpenStreetMaps. I created a GPX file using a GPS tracker as I drove from point A to point B. I uploaded the GPX file to OpenStreetMap and clicked on the “View Map”. It is only showing one GPS location and not the 20 - 30 that are in the GPX file. Do I need to enable something so I can see all GPS points at the same time? Also, I would like to have them connected to show the route I took. I also tried other default GPX files from the provided default traces and again, only one GPS location is showing up on map where there are many in most of the files. I also tried two different browsers (Chrome and Microsoft Edge) with the same result. I could not find this issue on the help forum. Any help or a link to someone with the same problem would be very appreciated.



As the link describes you only see the map “View Map”
Why are you uploading your gpx file and what do you want to do with it?