Only Local Language?!

Sorry what me make a little pissed is why all information and Names on the Map are only in the Local Language?
For example in the Eastern Country of the World. I know Million People of the World can Read Kanji but not everyone.

Why does the Names not in different Language Available?


They are there in database, it’s just the default render, that don’t use second/third/etc. language

Some other renders do, like mapsurfer -

When you say “the map”, which map do you mean?

There are many different maps made with OpenStreetMap data. Even on the main site itself, there are 5 (click the “layers” icon - the one that looks like a stack of books - at the right), 3 of which show latin names for places.

Hey boy, we don’t want you to feel pissed or similar!

See the OSM wiki about … this wiki page is often quoted when your FAQ comes up two or three times in a month.

Also see different tile providers that display names different to the Mapnik style on

For example goi to and do a layer switching via the upper right button there, and see the names rendering of Omniscale, Lyrk or Mapquest … all these are OSM-based.

Also see and

@XAN_ua thx!