Only .img-files

I’ve downloaded a map from and executed So far so good. If I open mapsource I don’t see the map. If I want to open a map, I only see .img-files, 1 .mdx-, and 1 tdb-file. There are no mapsource-files ??
What did I do wrong ?

I’ve downloaded a map with different tiles (generated and downloaded 2 days later), and I also downloaded a map directly from the website. Same behavior…

Thank you for your answer.

When you run the osm_generic_windows.exe file, it should install the maps for MapSource.
Then open MapSource, and go to View menu, then “Switch to product”. That will list all of the maps you have installed, which should include “OSM generic routable”. So chose that one, and you will see the maps.

As simple as that…Thank you !