Online router updates

In the wiki page about online routers it says that all major players update data weekly. I’ve used OSM for just a brief moment, but YOURS just updated their data with edits that I made almost 3 weeks ago, Cloudmade doesn’t have that data still, OpenRouteService provides routes that make no sense at all, but probably the data is there. At the same time YOURS shows that routing data is from previous year, Cloudmade does not show that at all and ORS data is ~2 weeks old.

Shouldn’t people responsible for those services update the wiki accordingly with current update periods?

BTW - which online router provides best routes in your experience?


YOURS is running on a database with data from the March 17 planet dump, so should contain edits from March 15/16 and earlier. I’ll update the indicator below the map accordingly. Weekly updates would be awesome but is very difficult to maintain, although I now have a server that might accommodate this.

No. I’m not responsible for everything other folks add to the OSM wiki or other places.

Don’t get me wrong - it’s not an attack, just a suggestion. Knowing real update periods would be very nice… Everyone can edit this info, so if anyone knows periods of other services I can update that.

BTW - YOURS now has almost current data, but what are its update periods (more or less)?


I didn’t take it as an attack, just answered your question :slight_smile:

Regarding the update interval: I think once or twice per month is reasonable for the current server configuration, but as I said perhaps more often is doable but the current situation is quite new so I don’t have much experience with it yet.

Cloudmade has updated their data (routing only, visuals are still pretty old). It also seems much faster than YOURs and can handle longer routes more reliably. It’s a pity it’s closed-source…


Distance and computing speed are only one of many parameters imho.

What is your target audience? Cloudmade supports limited routing profiles (car, bicycle, foot), YOURS/Gosmore support a much wider range. And knowing that most routing applications need multiples of storage/memory depending on the amount of routing profiles things run out of hand quickly. How much computing power (cpu, memory, servers) can you afford. Cloudmade undoubtedly has more money to spend then I do. I think it’s rather a miracle to see how many routing profiles YOURS supports, given the limited sponsoring that YOURS receives, but there is a tradeoff: speed. How many hours are spend on the project? Cloudmade has a large team of developers who can work on it 40 hours per week while YOURS is developed by only 1 person and the routing engine is developed by only 1 person.

Given all these limitations and features I’m simply amazed that YOURS is capable of routing from New York to Los Angeles or Amsterdam to Moscow at all.

YOURS was one of the first/is the first webbased OSM routing applications and started just to show how well routing would work with OSM data and enable mappers to debug the road network.

So, yes, I know that others can calculate faster and perhaps further, but I think that YOURS provides a nice balance between speed and features. Oh, and it’s opensource :slight_smile:

Btw, most really fast routing applications use a form of Contraction Hierarchies (ref Karlsruhe Institute of Technologies). A new version of their blazingly fast opensource routing engine is just released.

Where it comes down to eventually:
Give me access to a nice server and I’ll additionally provide routes using the OSRM engine. Users can then choose between Gosmore (features) and OSRM (fast).

Actually I’m interested only in car routing. In my (uneducated) opinion other routing methods don’t require that many resources, as the range you’re going to cover is rather short. There’s not much use for a bike routing on a 1000km distance, and I’m planning such trip with a car right now.

BTW - what are your server specs? I’m asking out of curiosity (; Next question - how much time does it take to preprocess data before it’s available for routing engine?

It’s a pity that OSRM demo is available only for part of Europe, so I really can’t test it… Do you know what amount of resources is required to run this engine?