Online map showing all tags?


It may sound like a FAQ but I haven’t found an answer yet… is there an OSM map on the Net where it is possible to show all tags of a way or node? I have found different tag search engines, tag statistics and so on but no map on which the tags are displayed for a given node/way (e.g. when the mouse points at it).

Thank you.


This functionality is available on the OpenStreetMap website as a “data layer”. See this wiki page on how to use it:

Note that this option is currently hidden in the “Edit” mouseover popup menu. It has been stated that this is a temporary solution during the ongoing UI improvements.

I must have missed this - but I swear that this menu item wasn’t there some weeks ago when I visited the “Edit” menu the last time. Thank you for pointing me at this possibility.

It’s almost what I was looking for, but you have to use quite a high zoom factor because the page seems to load the tags of all visible items - is there another map which just loads the tags if you hover the mouse over a way or node, thus avoiding the waiting time?


You can also browse to and click with left mousekey on any map object to display all tags of a certain object.

Okay, but if I unterstand it correctly, I have to search for some objects first in order to display their tags (or have I again missed something?)

Thanks again.