One-way streets

Playing a bit with the Openfietsmap Europe, I discoverd some inconsistencies in one-way streets.
The Pavement, between Railwaystreet and Grape Lane, is indicated as one-way street, but cycle-route 66 and Way of the Roses are indicated bi-directional.


The unnamed road (Fleshergate?) is indicated as one-way street, but cycle-route 70 and 14 are indicated bi-directional.

Being Dutch I’m lacking local knowlegde to change this.

Maybe someone overthere can modify.

Excuse my mistakes in use of grammar and spelling. :confused:


It might be more useful to add a Map Note.
That’s more likely to be noticed by mappers in that area. This forum is not very active for the UK.

I’ll do that. Thanks for your answer.


That’s not remotely unusual. Local councils in the UK often impose one-way restrictions or cycling bans on streets that are part of cycle routes; I can think of three examples within 20 miles of here.