One single slippy maps URL for map labels in desired language (Arabic)

Hi. In my BI Software Qlik Sense I am using a data visualisation object with mapping background. That object allows a single url for a tileset server and I often use this:${z}/${x}/${y}.png

That slippy map tiles come with country/county/city … names in their local language and alphabet (Greece in Greek, Russia in Cyrillic, Middle East in Arabic …). I needed the whole map to be labelled in one and the same language, e.g. Arabic or English.

I have searched around and found only this approach of using 2 layers of slippy maps on top of each other:

OSM Arabic Label, http: //${z}/${x}/${y}.png
OSM Background, unlabeled, http: //${z}/${x}/${y}.png

Is there any service that renders that two into one single tileset URL which I can use? I don’t have the option to add two layers in my BI object, so this would need to be done by a webservice and return just one .png or .jpg or .gif

Thank you

I think the answer is “no”. You do have the option to render your own tiles (with names from name:ar) using something like , though.

two hints from the OSM wiki:

There are also some similar topics on … try to search there with the fitting key words.

I think the issue here is that most OSM tile servers are there to support mapping not as end user maps. Someone creating an end user map has to have a business model (even if it is personal charity) for making the tiles available.

visit this perhaps it will help you somehow
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