One request 2 answers


I have installed an instance of OSRM server (several weeks ago) that some times gives me strange answers. In the example bellow, I get a distance equal to 503 km (instead of the real value that is about 390 km) :,7.449348&loc=46.117948,6.359105&instructions=false&geometry=false
Answer : […]end_point":“Place du Village”,“start_point”:“Rue Taufflieb (D 35)”,“total_time”:17081,“total_distance”:503559}[…]

With the same request, I ask a public server, then I get the right value :,7.449348&loc=46.117948,6.359105&instructions=false&geometry=false
Answer : […] total_distance":379125,“total_time”:14284,“end_point”:“Place du Village”,“start_point”:“Rue Taufflieb (D 35)”},[…]

I wonder why I get this difference.
Thanks for your help.


on the project website you have a link to the OSRM mailinglist.

I recommend to ask there.