One Node, two shops?

Hi community!
There’s a shop in my town where they sell and repair both bikes and motorbikes. Now I’m not sure how to tag this. I tried to give the node these two tags at once:


It didn’t work with Merkaartor (and I won’t install JOSM), as the program always removed one of the tags automatically. Now what is the proper way to solve such problems? Shall I make two nodes with the same name and address?

Thank you for replying.

Two options:

  1. you create 2 nodes (not 100% correct because it is only one shop)
  2. you create 1 node with shop=bicycle;motorcycle


Thank you, the second option is exactly what I wanted to know! The shop is mapped correctly now.

It is easy to tag it as shop=bicycle;motorcycle but it is painful for those who would like to utilise the data. It looks like a list of values but it is still just one tag and for standard database tools it is different value than shop=motorcycle;bicycle. I would rather see two shops there. But this is a free system and both options are correct.

basic information about that topic:

Hmm, so i should split the shop to 2 nodes. As a user of navigation software this would annoy me. You type in the name of the shop and get 2 search results. Now, which one is the correct one? Of course, in this case, both would be correct, but this causes lots of confusion.