One House cannot be found with Nominatim. Why?


I have encountered a bit of a problem. I use nominatim, to get GPS-Coords from Adresses.

Now I got to the following adress: Hagener Straße 58, Hagen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland (Germany).
Nominatim cannot find the house.

The neighbour house can be found:
Next door to 58 is 58a (On the Map, you can see here, that Number 58 is right the next door to 58a)

Now I would like to know, why. The number 58 is visible on the map, so it should be found, too. I checked all properties in the map, and I could not find any difference.

If anybody has an idea, why one house can be found, and the other can’t, please explain it to me.

Thank you in advance!

It can find it:

This really isn’t the best place for Nominatim issues; it has its own support resources. However, my guess is that the parser is looking for the UK/USA ordering of street and house number, but the a in 57a gives sufficient extra clues that the number isn’t for example, a post code.

Should not solve you problem, but usually i’m writing “Regierungsbezirk …” and not “Regierungsbezierk …” :smiley:


Indeed, searching for 58 Hagener Str, Hagen, Regierungsbezierk Arnsberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen does work

Thank you, I have changed the search string, which is generated by my programm and now, everything works just fine. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I was writing with my mobile phone, and did not notice the typo. But in my application there is no type :wink:

You should just put the address as it is, and Nominatim just find out the address format, and parse the address components according to the address format used in each place of the world. You should’t need to change the search string if it is a real address.

According to the Nominatim documentation
the address is found if written as: Hagener Straße 58, Hagen Deutschland