Once imported the .pbf file into the DB, can I delete nodes.cache file?

Hello, guys I am quite new to the forum, sorry if I am posting in the wrong section.

I imported the .pbf file into a Postgresql DB succesfully, but now I see a certain nodes.cache file of about 80 GB, can I delete it without compromizing the state of the DB ?

First, please don’t use screen shots, but copy and paste the relevant details as text into your post. My eyes have a really hard time reading that tiny script and, as a bonus, text is searchable and findable but the contents of screenshots aren’t.

Now to answer your question: If you don’t want to do any updates of that database, you can delete the file. If you want to do updates, you will need it! (You could have used the --drop option on import which would have deleted the file for you.)

Here is the link to the manual section about this: Osm2pgsql Manual - osm2pgsql

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Thanks a million Jochen for your detailed answer. At time of writing I have deleted the details inside the terminal window hence I cannot fix the previous post. Please let me know if you want me to delete the screenshot so leaving even less details for future readers :unamused:.