Offline road search if no street numbers or crossroad

I’m bamboozled as to how to use the search facility offline for my offline maps.

Several roads I’ve looked for (which are marked on the map) don’t come up with any house number (building) option or intersection. So the search fails.

As one example: Using Search - Region - Australia-Oceana. City - Murwillumbah. Street - Mount Warning Road. Building - (no options) Intersecting Street - (no options, actually it intersects Kyogle Rd only) - and there I’m stuck, it won’t show Mount Warning Road.

Am I missing something? It seems a bit sad that it relies on two parameters which don’t seem strictly necessary.:frowning:

You have not mentioned where you have downloaded the offline maps from or what device you are using.
I have an etrex 30 and searching for ‘Addresses’, entered ‘Australia’, ‘search all’ for cities, entered nothing for house number (‘done’), just entered the street name and got as far as entering ‘mount warn’ and the device offered ‘Mount Warning Road’ and on selection found the same 2 choices that the osm web site offered and on selection again showed on the map and on selecting ‘onroad for distance’ routing it found a route ok using the ‘OSM generic routable (new style)’ map and said it was 191km away, which sounds about right for me.
I didn’t try routing there using the other map as it is more suited to cycling and would probably have difficulty finding a cycle route all that way?
I have the ‘Openfiets Lite’ map dated the 12Jan15 and when I enable the ‘OSM generic routable (new style)’ on the device it works too.
Even though the parameters are offered in the address search, I ignored most by just hitting ‘done’ except for the street name.

Apologies! I arrived at this site through an OsmAnd link and didn’t notice I’d actually left OsmAnd!

In case help is available in this forum:

I’m using Osmand ver 1.8.3 on a Xiaomi mobile phone running Android 4.2.2. The (vector) maps were downloaded from within the Osmand app (but are downloadable from

The online search using OSM Nominatim is good, it’s only the offline search I’m having the problem with.

OK, I’ve just found the answer I was looking for. Many thanks for your reply nevw.

The answer is to select the phone’s menu button - not the OsmAnd one - and select . This works at any stage of entering search parameters.