Offline personal map

I know openstreetmap data can be downloaded for offline viewing, but I was wondering if there is an application out there that would allow me to download some parts of the map and then make my own markings and information on it just for personal use. I looked through a bunch of the programs that were available to work with openstreetmap data, but it was hard to tell if they did what I was looking for. Any help would be appreciated.

It depends on what you mean with “own markings”, just POIs, or lines and areas ?

For simple POIs, apps such as OsmAnd, Oruxmap, etc. allow you to store “favourites”, which is your own collection of POIs.

For more complex markings, e.g. Maperitive allows to to create your own (printed) maps.
There is also QGIS, but that might be a bit harder to learn, but can do all kinds of analytics on the data as well.

It looks like QGIS is exactly what I am looking for. Thank you so much for the help.

My question goes one step further - once i have my offline map set up, and I have edited it with my own POIs and areas, what happens when I download new openstreetmap data? Can I apply updates from openstreetmaps to my offline personal map and still preserve my own POIs, etc.?

@drr37: which tool are you using ? I believe QGIS has layers, so when you kept your POIs in a separate layer, it will be preserved.
If you were using a PDf download of OSM data and used that as a separate layer in you editing tool, it is possible. When you mixed everything in 1 layer, you will have to redo it.

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