Offline maps with OpenLayers for LAMP based system

Hello, I am about to develop a system to gather and analyse data on water/sanitation in remote areas in Africa.
Our base has no reliable electricity let alone internet access, so we need to fetch mapdata from the local machine.

We use geoserver running with tomcat to deliver layers from shapefiles our staff is producing in the field. OSM-maps should deliver the background map, this works perfectly well using OpenLayers to get the data online from osm.

What would you recommend to install on the local system to deliver the OSM maps?

The regions are rather small, not much more than 10 by 10 kilometers, being up to date is no top priority, synching once in a moth would be perfectly OK…

One point for further browsing can be

but this collection can be outdated a bit.

Maybe something useful can be ?

This framework is under very active development.

Thanks a lot, Stephan, osm2vectortiles looks promising…