Offline Maps as Image without browser

I work on a QtQuick application for Android, which should display maps. Unfortunately, qt does not support webviews on mobile devices. So I can only show images of maps (which is currently feeded by the static google maps api (eg:,New+York,NY&zoom=13&size=600x300&sensor=false ).

But Google Maps is not a perfect fit, since it is only avaible online. I need offline support for creating images of maps. Thats were openstreetmaps comes into play. I read that you can save tiles (something like map data I guess) and use them offline.
So what I just need to know is:

How can I use these offline available tiles in order to produce images that are saved on the local disk in order to make them accessable for my application?

  • The solution should run on a simple linux server, so that it can be android agnostic.
  • It should support parameters like: coordinates, markers, zoomlevel (so kind of like )

Any hints directing to a solution are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Apart from tile based offline solutions, you should have a closer look at the framework

where version 0.4 was released quite recently. Its main feature is to display offline vector based maps on android devices.

Alternetively, search at for “android offline” keywords.


Thanks for your reply.

The Mapsforge project looks great, but unfortunately I cant use it, because my app isnt a native android app :confused: So I cant use an Android solution and must find something for linux which can provide the mapimages for me.

Nevertheless the was helpfull, because I found the following thread and answer:

I hope that will help und look further into it.