Offline mapping app for iOS that can use public available OSM

Recently I’ve switched from Android to iOS. On Android I was using OruxMaps, which was able to use maps in a lot of different file formats. I need the app mostly for hiking or for finding specific places in a city. So it should be able to mark places (places I want to go to in the city), it should be able to import gpx files with hiking trails, it should be able to show my position (GPS) and most import, it should be possible to use offline maps in common file formats. So, I’ve first searched the OSM wiki and found two apps. I’ve tested both and found Galileo Offline Map the best, so I’m now using this one. And so far it’s really good, BUT the problem is, you can only use maps in two specific (proprietary) file formats or download an offline vector map. Sure, I could make my own one with MOBAC, but I want to have a map of whole Germany on my iPhone and this is not possible with MOBAC. I want to use maps on my iPhone in the file format *.osm.pbf, *.map and /or *.img. Because all (hiking) maps I can find in the web are only available in this formats. But I’m not able to find such an iOS app. Can someone please point me to such an app? Thanks!

All known iOS apps using OSM based maps should be listed at like you have linked already.

So I fear that no one can name you another app that has those special features you mentioned.

Is the failing of MOBAC due to the limited tile data download amount? Then you can think about rendering the needed tiles from raw OSM data on your own. I would try Maperitive or tilemill. But I have not done such a self rendering of tiles yet, so I don’t know whether this works for your purposes.

And any renderer like Tilemill or Maperitive should use a style file that comes near your needs for hiking … hm.

Some more hints:

*.osm.pbf file is compressed raw OSM data … there is no possibility to display a map from directly.

*.img seems to be Garmin map format … I am not aware of any iOS app that can display those maps.

For some months we have an active development about an iOS release of Osmand, but no beta test release yet … can this be helpful for you?

Some hints about rendering own tiles:

Try and search for keywords like “render own tiles”, “mobac”, “jtiledownloader”


Thanks for your helpfull answer!
Yes, the failing of MOBAC is because of the limited tile data download amount. I will have a look for Tilemill and Maperitive, but you are right, I will need a style file for hiking than. I don’t know about Osmand, because I have never used it. But if there will be an iOS version, I will give this a try.

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