Offline edits for work related mapping

In the work I do we have maps of air pipe routes throughout a lot of cities. The maps we currently have were drawn in the mid 80’s using a cad program called cascade (i believe its now called opencascade).
Since that time the routes have changed signifigantly with nothing being done to our maps. We need to get these maps updated and current.
I see that I can download an osm map of our areas in pdf or image. Unfortunately I cant find a simple cad like program to add/edit on these pdf’s.
Anyone know of a cad like program I can use? I really need something that I can import these pdfs or images into. I will be adding the basic shapes to these maps. Square, circle, star, diamond and triangles… filled and unfilled. Text, solid line, dashed and dotted line etc. measurements arent an issue as I can merely measure hole to hole on our internal cable maps. Autocad and AC lt are way out there with pricing. Im looking extremely cheap or opensource if possible
Using ipad, mac and windows

Sounds to me as though you could use a basic drawing package, provided it lets you position an image then draw things in front of it. Then you don’t need to edit the OSM image, just use it as a background image for whatever you need to draw. Make things opaque if they need to hide parts of the map, and so on. For example I’m pretty sure the drawing package in Open Office would do it. Or do you need to work in a way that would make this approach too laborious?

Have you tried qgis?

Tried qgis but it wont let me import a pdf. If I import an image it gets distorted on zoom

I have open office installed and cant seem to get a pdf or image imported into it. Designed layer over the osm image would work. As long as I can convert it all back to pdf and no distortion of the maps etc

In an OpenOffice Drawing, you can use INSERT…OBJECT…OLE OBJECT
then choose CREATE FROM FILE and choose the pdf.

After you make changes, choose FILE…EXPORT PDF

I think this will work.

Ok ill give this a try. Thanks

Have you tried inkscape?

I hope this is for internal use only, otherwise, you may need to licence the complete work with an OSM compatible licence.