Offline editors available?

Hi all,

I am new to openstreetmap :roll_eyes:
I used it already quite often for mobile navigation (e.g. in Osmand on Android) but now I would like to do something “offline” with the map.

Therefore I look for some software “similar” to GoogleEarth but with OpenStreetMap data. I would like to have a (big) mapfile offline and put my own POIs in it or draw some lines/rectangles over the map (like I can do in GoogleEarth).

Is there some software available for that use case?

Thanks in advance.

Did you try achieve what you want with JOSM?


You can also load osm Garmin maps with QLandkarte.
A more advanced option is setting up your own tile server.

Have you ever tried

And maybe there are some web services with drawing features … have a look at

Hi all,

thanks for your replies. I tried JOSM now and it seems to fit all my needs.
QLandkarte schau ich mir auch mal an, Danke (Ich bin so frei, und antworte Dir auf Deutsch, Landsmann ;)).

All other proposals I will also give a try…but JOSM first.

How do I avoid uploading my tests and personal data to the public OSM-servers? Is there an additional control that blocks an unwanted upload if I accidently click on “uploading data” in the menu of JOSM or will it be too late as soon as I click on it?

Thanks again…

JOSM will ask for confirmation before you upload. Depending on the data it might also warn about some validation errors in a separate dialog.

If you are really worried, you can also open the .osm xml-file in a text editor and add upload=“no” to the file:

This will add yet another dialog window with a warning that this data should not be uploaded.