official street number (ref) obscures the view on a bridge

I find it not very nice when a street number (ref) obscures the view on a bridge, like in this example:
Especially when you start to zoom out, the bridge can not be seen any more.

Is there a way to avoid this behaviour of the renderer?

Greetings! ALE!

switch to osmarender (Box in the upper right corner), there is no disturbing label …

In the display of Mapnik, there is no other solution at the moment. You could add a feature request in the OSM-trac-system that mapnik should not place a ref-label on very short segments of a street

I have no idea where and how to do this. Could you you do this for me?

Greetings ALE!

Have a look at

Dealing with OSM needs reading lots of information sources. Try it on your own an you will understand how all mechanisms of OSM work.

Come back here if you need more help …

Please create a ticket for this, if it isn’t already there. We’ve had one for refs on tunnels already, and I was meaning to add the same fix for bridges, but I forgot. Having a ticket will serve as a reminder.

Ok, it took me some time to find it out. But there is already a ticket for this and I added a comment that this also applies for tunnels.

The ticket number is “#2136: highway ref hidding bridges”.

Regards ALE!