ODM OpenDistributionMap


Has someone ever come with an open distribution map ODM idea? I am looking for a way to create distribution maps online based on geocode (GIS elements).

I like for instance the altitude lines I saw in the cycle overlay.



Not sure what ODM (open distribution map) is… Could you tell us?

It does not exsist (yet?). It is just an idea to see if I can use openstreetmaps data. I am not really intrested in the street layers but more on the ecological details like in the cycle one where you see the altituded lines and the forrests so more topological map where I can add points where a specie has been found.

Ah ok! a species maps, there was talk about open plant map not sure if it was serious. It was supposed to do submeter mapping of gardens all over Great Brittain, I think I might be wrong.