ODBL license OSM


I have a question regarding the OSM ODBL license.

I want to make a map with an OSM base layer, visualised together data from another source (for example elevation data).
With QGIS I want to add vector layers, based on OSM (via tags). For example: roads or points of interest.

With this product, I would like to be able to:

  1. publish it online, possibly as an interactive variant
  2. sell it as an interactive variant
  3. sell it as a print

What is allowed here and what are my obligations?



Hi Marc!

You are allowed to do all of that with OpenStreetMap data.

You’ll need to provide attribution to OpenStreetMap on each of your 3 products:

I do not believe you are required to share any data. Only the OSM-based vector layers would be a derivative database, and this kind of filtering is likely a “trivial transformation” that is exempt from the share-alike requirements.

Thanks. I was reading through the License/Attribution guidelines. For print, my conclusion would be that this would be ok:

“(c) OpenStreetmap, openstreetmap.org/copyright

Is that correct?

Personally, I believe that would be sufficient.

Oh, and not that it matters much, but OpenStreetMap is spelled with an uppercase “M”. :slight_smile: