obtaining speed limit for roads in the Netherlands

Hello all,

i am in the process of making an application which calculates your driving behavior.
I have a GPS track which needs to be interpreted to give a grade.

i have figured out how to reverse geocode the coordinates to get the street name im on. but now i want to query a database to ask what the local speed limit for the road I am on it.
Or query a database to ask what type of road i am on. and define the values in my application.

Does anybody know how i can obtain something like this.

so to recap. I need to query a database with a street name in the Netherlands and i need the local speed limits returned to me.
Any help is much appreciated and will go a long way to solving my problem.

thank you in advance

For obtaining the speedlimits you could consult XAPI or parse a planet extract of the Netherlands to obtain the streetnames and maxspeeds. One remark though: maxspeed coverage is far from 100%, you can see which roads have a maxspeed tagged here.