object not shown on map


I have a problem with an object, that is not shown on the map.

you can search for it, the place is right, but no icon or name on the map.


It’s a small brewery with pub: Heidenpeters (Berlin, Markthalle Neun)

I don’t see any problems.

what is wrong with that object?

best regards,

I can see it fine. It is here:


I hope this answers your question.



Works for me - https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/3281651374#map=19/52.50193/13.43165 . Someone (you?) just edited it 3 hours ago so maybe you’re looking at old cached map tiles?

The tag amenity=pub was added only recently, so Daniel is probably missing the icon for it.

Nice, someone (kartonage?) changed the object type from “brewery” to “pub with brewery” - now it’s visible for me too.

i think, because changelog is not clear for me.