nuvi 68 crashes on certain areas consistantly

I had installed mid December 21 EU map and now the most recent end of Jan 22 map partially on my nuvi 68 but it crashes at certain places.

One place in particular which I remember is this one In Italy under Vicenza.
I don’t know exactly where the trigger is and I did not see anything weird in the edit page on OSM

There are other places but can’t pinpoint them easily.

Is there something wrong with my nuvi?
or has the thukthuk map an error?
or is the source data wrong?

Anyway it is annoying and for sure strange that due to some map data your gps crashes.

I saw crashes with my Oregon 600 close to roundabouts some years ago, but with maps that were created with a different style.
No such problems in the last three years or so.
Did you contact Thorsten Kukuk?
Maybe upload the offending tile (not the whole map, please) to so that I can run some analyses tools on it.

I do occasionally find such crashes on my Oregon. If it happens, the crash is reproducible at the specific place.
After an update of a map on the device - not necessarily a map covering that specific place! - the crash vanishes. Maybe, a new crash could then be found some where else - but you’ll likely not find that new place.