nuvi 200W users

I see the option in some navigation and editing programs to connect a GPS device.
It seems to me that it might be possible to connect a GPS to the computer, and trace a route on the computer?
I’ve tried this, but these programs does not recognise / detect my device, a Nuvi 200W.
Is it a problem with the Nuvi or with my method?
the nuvi only connects to the computer as a masss storage device.
How should I get it to send coordinates to the computer?

Is there anyone else out there using the Nuvi 200W for mapping?
I get nice routable maps through MkGMap and find it realy osm that I can create my own maps.

I’ve noticed that the Nuvi does not destinguish between foot paths & car paths when routing.
i.e. it will route a car onto a footpath.
It does however keep cars off wrong direction one ways, while a pedestrian will be allowed - so all my footpaths are now conflicting one ways to allow pedestrian routing, but keep cars routing away.

The nuvi 200W has certain restrictions for mapping, but I can’t afford better at this stage:
No auto tracking - I have to manually save waypoints to create a track, very frustrating, as the nuvi insists on pressing 3 buttons for every waypoint.
Before the next tracking operation all the favourites must be cleared - MANUALY ONE BY ONE - does any one know of a method (other than deleting all user info) to clear all favourites.

Any open source OS available for Nuvi 200W?

I have a Nüvi 255T, I’ll try to answer your questions on this basis. Our 2xx devices can indeed only communicate as mass storage devices, so on the plus side you get easy access to the collected data (no special software required), on the minus side there is no way to receive the GPS location in real-time.

That’s a mkgmap issue I don’t know much about (yet), maybe someone else can help you there.

On my 255T it’s recorded in Garmin/GPX/Current.gpx but not displayed by default. Did you check the contents of this file with any compatible software (JOSM, Viking, …)?

You can just wipe this file out if you have no valuable waypoints(/POIs?) inside, otherwise edit it or replace it with a clean version.

High-end Nüvi devices run GNU/Linux, but our 2xx are stuck with a proprietary OS.