NUVI 1300 multiple maps in SD card solution December 2018

I had a difficult time getting my NUVI 1300 Garmin SD to recognize more than one map on my SD card till I figured it out.
I read of so many solutions that didn’t work advising to download loads of programs, my GPS is several years old and it has the latest 2018 updates and maps now.

I advise all to run your Garmin update before you insert the SD card in your GPS because the update may mess with data on your SD card as it did for me. the GPS works like a charm.

The first map you add goes into a folder you must make called “Garmin” the file must be named mapsupp.img

Any additional maps must go into a new folder you must create called “MAP” the files in the MAP folder can be named anything you choose with he .IMG extension.

I hope this helps everyone

Are you sure it isn’t gmapsupp.img?