NUTS 3 Regions in Austria

Hello Everyone!

I am using Overpass Turbo API query in order to visualize the NUTS3 Regions in Austria which are 35 regions in total. For that, I am using the “admin_level” tags which should be admin_level=5 for NUTS3 regions.

However, the map is always left blank saying “no dataset” although it works for both NUTS2 and NUTS4 regions using admin_level=4 and admin_level=6 respectively.

Does Anyone know how to get the NUTS3 regions using this tag or any other OSM tags?

I am using Wizard such as “boundary=administrative & admin_level=4 in Austria”.

which build up the following quary:

out body;

out skel qt;

Thank you very much indeed.

Regarding to I’m afraid, those “artificial” NUTS3 regions aren’t available in OSM yet. As well as NUTS1 is not available. Just NUTS2 which equals Autrian’s federal states (“Bundesländer”) which are represented by OSM’s admin_level=4

There is no “admin_level”=“5” wihtin OSM Autria.

Btw, there’s no NUTS4, it is called LAU instead and is admin_level=8 and for some special towns (“Statutarstädte”) admin_level=6 within OSM Austria.

Hab eine Karte, CSV mit NUT3 :stuck_out_tongue: