Number of wiki links to other wiki pages written as external links

In the past days when browsing the OSM wiki I came accross some external links in some article text that lead to other OSM wiki artikels.

This means that these links are coded in wiki source code beginning with … they can easily written by the syntax like [[wiki page title]] instead.

By typing

(also https:) in the full text search box of our wiki, I get a today’s result of 2328 pages with this text pattern.

I think that a good amount of them can (or should?) cobverted to wikilinks …

Or are there any special cases where we need this “external” linking to wiki pages??


Could you take a look if there is any pattern in a set of pages with links like this?
Is it possible that some of these links come from templates included in other pages?

Personally I can’t see a problem with your suggestion so far. (of converting them to interwiki links)