(Now closed) Voting is now open for the proposal to add the Translate extension to the OSM Wiki

You can now view and vote on the proposal to add the Translate extension to the OSM Wiki:


I’m not sure I understand what is being proposed well enough to vote yet, but perhaps it would be possible to clarify (somewhere - not necessarily here) whether all the listed cons apply if a translated version of a page is excluded from this extension?

Some text suggest it is optional per page, yet the cons suggest it isn’t.

The wiki page doesn’t mention any costs that might arise from the use of third-party translation services (I’ve noticed that Microsoft translation is mentioned somewhere in the extension config files).

Has this topic been considered?

I thought this was an extension to assist in manual translation of wiki pages, not a machine translation tool?

One can say none of the cons apply. You should probably compare this to the systems currently used in the Analysis section to see the differences.

The only reference I found was:

  • Auto-suggested translations based on other translations made on this wiki and machine-translation services (this greatly decreases translation time).

So it could be both?

@mmd Yes, I am actually mistaken on this part. The developer of the extension clarifies here that machine translation can only be provided if you have an API key to a translation service. Wikimedia has had translation services donated to them but otherwise it costs money.

The other things that the developer mentioned, as I responded to, is probably going to result in a rewrite and revote of the proposal.

I would also just point that installing extensions in the wiki, or indeed any software for OSM services, is a matter for the operations and administration teams so any vote by wiki users could only be considered as advisory.

Okay, closing vote now, as Minh has just agreed. Hopefully we can get a much better proposal and response.

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