Notification mails?


Does anyone get notification emails when he ticked “Subscribe to this topick”?

That probably doesn’t work because the custom made OSM forum authentication does not save the email address in the database.

The OSM forum authentication code had the nasty habit of updating your email address with a blank value every time you logon. I fixed that so subscribing to topics should now be working if you set your mail address in your profile.

Let’s test… :smiley:

Doesn’t seem to work. I updated my email-adress in my profile (was empty), I got the notification mail and clicked on the confirmation-link. So far so good. Then I subscribed to this topic and postet my test-reply but didn’t get any email yet… :frowning:

Unfortunately for you the email notification code of PunBB is smart enough not to send an email when you’ve posted the message yourself :smiley:

I subscribed to this topic as well and got a notification email for your message, so you should be getting one from my message now.

D’oh! Smart that PunBB.

Thanks for you help Lambertus! :wink: