Notes which mention "Had laju tidak betul"

Recently I have been checking (anonymous) notes and have found several notes that always mentioned “had laju tidak betul” - wrong speed limit. Like this:

As shown above, that highway has no any speed limit parameters. So, my wild guess is perhaps some navigational apps (using OSM database) has this feature where the user can submit errors, on a note. I might be wrong, so anyone have any idea? I have seen such note everywhere in Malaysia, if I am not mistaken. It is a bit annoying for me, but probably some mappers are on the run gathering some data…

Take a look at the second half of the comment: “had laju yang dilaporkan ialah 60 km/h”.
It looks to me that the navigation device of that user displays a speed limit of 60 km/h. That could be the “default routing speed” used for “unclassified” in the map. Sadly that guy did not tell us the correct speed limit, nor the map / application he used…

Probably you’re right, Bernhard. FYI that unclassified road is “jalan kampung”. Obviously its speed limit is not 60 km/h. Any idea what kind of device?

I believe this is an automated crap spewed by some app since it is happening worldwide (some messages say 0 kmh / mph). There’s talk regarding this on osm (somewhere, I don’t remember exactly). Another message would be “No turn left here”.

Whenever I encountered these messages, I am ready to go into terminator mode… :laughing:

So… just “resolve” the notes then? Or just leave it?

the way I did it:

  1. if error says speed = 0 or blank, then I delete. Otherwise, need to check possibility if it is true. (one example is a Note in Bentong, Pahang which you can see for yourself. I believe speed limit is usually 80km/h, sometimes 90km/h, but almost never ends with a 5, like 75 or 85). If Note on a jalan kampung says speed limit 85, then you decide…

  2. the ‘no left turn’ message. This one is easier to decide since you can zoom in at the Note point and see whether there is a junction. No junction = hasta la vista baby!. If there is a junction, then someone (most probably not me :D) need to check it out in order to resolve it.

OK. Time to “resolve” them I guess. Especially this very obvious one. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Found this as well. The user thought that must have something to do with navigation apps.

Guess what? Found the culprit. Navigation app.