Notes spam by an anonymous user

Hello together!

Today, while reviewing notes, I found a lot of suspicious notes of an anonymous user.
The notes always consist of a reference number of a road (e.g. SP 330) which already exist in the database. The notes are added constantly and it looks like this is done by some kind of bot. As the information does already exist in the database, this data has no value and I tried to close some of the notes, but as you probably know, it is quite difficult to stop an anonymous user from spamming :expressionless:

Here are some examples:

The notes are mainly created in Brasil, but I already found some notes in Florida, USA and Germany.
I have no idea what can be done regarding this massive unnecessary spam. The only thing I can imagine is to disable note creation by anonymous users (something like proposed in and but this is IMO only the last solution which should be considered.
What do you think? And what can we do against this kind of spam?

Greetings, ENT8R

Are they from some sort of application or something like that?

No, sadly not because they are all created by an anonymous user… But I don’t know whether some more data is stored in the database that is not accessible to the public…