note= nodes asking for e-mail notifications

According to taginfo, there are over 27,000 nodes bearing this tag, most of them in Spain:
note=If you change this node, please, report to nomenclatorign at gmail dot com. Thank you.

Overpass query to find them:

It does not seem to add any information at all, because, who in their right minds would send an e-mail after editing one of these nodes, assuming it is even noticed or viewable by the editing client. Keeping up with map changes is a user’s own business, and other editors shouldn’t have to worry about this.

From the quick check I did, it seems like all of these were added by user:egrn or user:Osmand+

I would propose these tags to be removed, as they pollute the database and also make personal information public (imagine everyone doing this, making typos in e-mail addresses etc.)