Norway raster layer - Hybrid solution

I am new to OSM and I would like you to help me with some questions I have. I’m styling my raster map of Europe.

The data for the raster I have obtained from but the data for Norway, Sweden does not appear and I would like to obtain them. So I have obtained them from

Once all the data has been obtained, I have tried to make a hybrid solution to add this information, but on the one hand the data is stepped on since there is a small common area of both in the downloaded data.

Is there any way so that the information for the common area of Norway does not appear double or is there somewhere where I can download all the data for the raster of the map of Europe that will quickly load the map and thus not have to do a hybrid solution with information from two sites? I’ve tried downloading everything from Copernicus and it slows down and doesn’t even load the map.